CSV Batch Image Upload

Download CSV template file CSV_Template

Rules & Formatting**

  1. You must have a header row in your CSV file
  2. Taxon name (Genus+Species) must match an existing taxon in our database
  3. Use well-formed CSV. This means text with commas must be enclosed with double-quotes. Most spreadsheet applications should export CSV in this format.
  4. Don't use double quotes anywhere else
  5. We can only understand CSV in the above format:
  6. CSV load errors are given on a row by row level each row is atomic
Header Column Name Description Example Optional Default value
Species One or more species tagged in main photo like.
Comma delimited
Genus1 species1, Genus2 Species2. Note this is the Genus & Species name and not the common name for the species. The species name should be looked up and matched. Species will be available in "Tag Species" menu in editor.
Coryphaena hippurus Optional
Image URL Full and direct url Required
Image Name File name filename Optional not set
Latitude GPS latitude DD.DDDD
(where photo was taken)
50.032975 Optional not set
Longitude GPS longitude DD.DDDD
(where photo was taken)
19.989897 Optional not set
Date Date when photo was taken- format DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS with optional timezone for example +1100 for Australia 21.05.2020 00:01:00 +1100 Optional not set
Tags Free form tags comma separated nofish,underwater,etc. Optional not set
No Fish True or False True Optional false
Under Water True or False True Optional false
Test Image True or False True Optional false
Image License Copyright License values

- None
- CC 0
- Unknown
- Custom
CC BY-NC-ND Optional CC 0
Image Title Creative Commons Title text tile Optional not set
Image Source URL Creative Commons link to image source for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_white_shark#/media/File:White_shark.jpg Optional not set
Image Author Creative Commons Author of the image Steve McQueen Optional not set
Image Copyright Notice Creative Commons Image copyright notice All Rights Reserved Optional not set
Not a Real Fish True or False If not a real fish mark as false (artwork, drawings) Optional false
Include in ODM True or False Include in Object detection model Optional false
Sex male, female or unknown Optional Not set
Spawning true, false or unknown Optional Not set
Age juvenile, adult, unknown, eggs or larvae Optional Not set
ODM Detection True or False Auto detect Fish and create polygons Optional true
Blurr faces True or False Turn on or off masking of human faces Optional true
Water Depth In count meters Image water depth when taken **** Optional Not set
X-Ray true or false True when an xray Optional False