In addition to reading the following steps please review section Best Practices for labeling images

Step-1 checklist "Editing original image"


  1. Upload an image or edit an existing image
  2. Update Meta-Data fields in upload image
    • if “Photo taken under water” turn on flag
    • if “No fish“ in image turn on flag
    • If “Not a real fish photo (i.e. art/drawing) ” turn on flag
    • If “Test image” only turn on flag
    • If “Should be Included in Object Detection Model” turn on flag
      • Only high quality images outlined in it's natural form without human body parts (hands, fingures) or other objects blocking the fish should be considered for turning this flag on!
    • If image is a "X-Ray" turn on flag
  3. Update Copyright info if available
  4. Tag all fish species by name if known
    • If a GPS location is provided in image that may help you identify the fish
    • Otherwise tag species as "Unknown"
  5. Create fish body polygons for each fish if polygon does not already exist
    • Click on select & draw box around each fish to create a polygon
    • Zoom in on polygon and make sure polygon has clean tight body lines around shape of fish
      • If not adjust lines by moving lines

Step-2 checklist "Editing fish polygon"


  1. Select and edit a fish body polygon
  2. Verify polygon
    • If no fish are in the polygon, delete the polygon
  3. Make sure polygon has clean tight body lines around shape of fish
    • If not adjust polylines by moving dots/lines
    • Zoom the image in so you can better see the polygon and body shape of fish
  4. Tag fish species in body polygon
    • If you don’t know species
      • You can try fish detect to see if AI model can identify fish species
      • Otherwise, tag polygon as “unknown” species
    • If a GPS location is provided it may help you identify the fish
      • Search for fish species
  5. Once fish species name has been added to the polygon
    • Add fish traits for each visible trait in body polygon
    • If trait is not clearly shown in image, skip to next trait
      • Select + in Body Trait
      • Choose trait polygon drawing tool
      • Draw polygon around trait
  6. If known, update fishes Sex
  7. If known, update fishes Age
  8. If known, update if fish is Spawning
  9. If known, update the water depth
  10. If known, update the fishes weight
  11. If known, update the fish total length
  12. If known, update the fishes girth

Step-3 checklist "Drawing the length of the fish" under the Measurement section

  1. If the fish polygon clearly shows the "Total Length of the fish" then draw the TL length using the draw tool
  2. Make sure you click save after drawing the TL line